Societal Needs analysis and
Emerging Technologies in the public Sector

Do you wish to learn more about the most significant societal and public sector needs and the main barriers to address them?

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Innovation Identification Framework

Are you looking for a structured approach in the assessment of the viability of potential innovation solutions for the public sector? Do you need to support your ICT related public procurement with a sound methodology? Or maybe you aim to reduce complexity in the process of finding the right technology to meet the needs of your organization... If so, have a look at our SONNETS innovation identification framework!

Should you have any question or if you need help to implement the framework in your organization, we are happy to give you expert advice. Please, contact us and tell us your needs!

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Reshape and reform the public sector into a technology leader and innovation breeding carrier, playing a key role in technology development and showcasing.

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Develop a win-win situation for relevant stakeholders (public sector, enterprises, citizens, researchers) and foster collaboration for breaking down knowledge silos towards building a more productive, responsive and innovation generating public sector.